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Kirsty Broun Cycling (KBC) commenced in early 2013 with the vision of coaching cycling skills and enhancing road safety amongst cyclists.

Kirsty Broun was a professional cyclist with the Australian Road Cycling Team. She predominantly played the role of team sprinter and raced in the Giro de Italia, Route de France and numerous World Cups.

Kirsty retired from professional cycling in 2012 to focus on developing skills in other cyclists and promoting safety amongst the cycling community. She now leads a team of coaches that offer training on essential road cycling skills such as basic bike-handling skills, descending, hill climbing, cornering and sprinting.

Whether you are a beginner, recreational or competitive cyclist, you can benefit from KBC coaching. Kirsty has developed programs for every level of cyclist using her experience as an Australian professional road cyclist and an advocate of skills-based training.

Please contact Kirsty if you are interested in more information.