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    Cycling has become an integral part of our everyday life. It is an ecologically exclusive, environmentally friendly and, most importantly, helps to improve our physical condition. In our days many choose a bicycle as a means of transport in their work, especially in large cities where the traffic chaos, makes traveling with the bicycle as a one-way.Cyclists have adapted their style to their cycling route and often we have different styles of riders. Let’s see the most prevalent.

    1) The hipster biker
    The hipster biker is usually recognizable by his outfit… In his wardrobe the lines are narrow. The hipster wants his clothes to be mostly glued, especially if he has the proper physique to support them. The trousers are skinny and the jerseys are relatively fit, especially when it comes to summer striped sleeveless or vintage shorts. As for shoes, love for prints continues here as well. The hipsters have no problem to wear a design without fear of the end result is excessive.When it’s about their accessories, their obsession with the past continues. You cannot see a thoroughbred hipster wearing a bow tie or braces or hung a Gameboy in the neck or circulating with an old school backpack that could hide disks, mixtapes, View-master and Rubik’s cubes inside it. It surely saves glasses of myopia and usually has a mustache. It drives a Copenhagen Bike Company bike that combines comfort with style.

    2) The Tweeder biker
    Tweed. It is classy, it’s elegant, and what’s the oldest and most stylish is an excellent dressing style for many men today. Tweed gives extra points in mainstream casual look but also informal men’s dress code. The tweed vest when it touches a white shirt, tie and filled with dark jeans in close line with oxford shoes is the most stylish/charming/special way you can dress. The tweeders prefer big bags in soft colors and their bikes are usually retro and everyone can assume that they borrowed it from their dad!

    3) The sports type biker
    The sporty type biker wants to take care of his convenience while riding a bike. He usually wears elastic trousers, sweatshirts and sports shoes. He has always a backpack where he carries all the clothes that will change in the office. His bicycle is a mountain bike and he chooses alternate paths because he wants to combine his transfer to work with exercise. He does not drink coffee and he is usually with a smoothie in his hand to give him energy for the rest of the day. His physical condition is beyond the perfection.

    4)Boho-style biker
    Bikers with this style are often called hippie – chic, or even hobo – chic. They have a style between romantic style and a freer spirit. They usually wear a tight jean, a fedora and a well – designed buffalo plaid shirt. The bicycle they choose is usually a city bike and their bag is in a folder shape.

    5) Freestyle-biker
    They usually they use BMX bikes which, besides their transport is used to make figures in some park next to the office. They wear blazers, sweaters, fit jeans and sports shoes, with the Stan Smith to dominate their preferences. They never leave their bicycle, except the hours they are working. Those biker’s most important accessories are the big headphones to listen to his favorite music.

    6)The student
    He chooses to wear comfortable clothes that he can wear from early morning till late at night, cause it’s obvious that a student’s day has no limits. He prefers to dress up with jeans, sweaters and he uses a big bag that it’s suitable for his laptop or tablet, a necessary tool for the university.His sunglasses are a necessary accessory because they prevent his eyes from last night’s hangover. His bike is either secondhand or in retro style and he uses it every day for all of his journeys in the city.

    Whatever the style you represent, do not forget the following basic rules when choosing to go cycling to work.

    Schedule what you’re going to do with the clothes you wear. One of the reasons many people do not go to work with the bike, even when they have a bicycle, is that they do not want to sweat. You will need to have soap, deodorant, and a towel.

    Leave the clothes you want to work on, the day before. You can put them in a backpack, but sweat your back this way. You can also put them in a bag of those hanging on the side of the bike, but you may not want to be wrinkled. The solution is to get your clothes on the job the day before.

    Start working with a regular bicycle and find out what you really need from the vehicle you use. You do not need to spend a lot of money on getting a bike or equipment to get started. Later, you can buy what you want, spending more money, but do not postpone the cycle due to the bike.

    Have a spare umbrella and tools with you-you need to know how to change a tire. You never know if your tire will burst, and you definitely do not want to be able to walk on the bike for some miles. A set of patches is what you need, but it’s even easier if you have all the right tools so you can quickly fix the damage.

    Take care of your safety. It is good to know some general rules on how to be safe on the bike before you find yourself in danger in the traffic. By having the right helmet, checking that your bicycle functions are OK, and driving according to the basic rules of road behavior, you can certainly be calmer about your physical integrity. The bike is very fun and going to work with the bike is much, much better than just going by car. Try it. You will be excited!

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