Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw
Age – see (meth-u-sel-ah) – modern Oxford Dictionary definition – “older than Methuselah” = 55
Occupation – Too old to work
No. of years cycling – Got my first bike in 1967. Rode it till my legs fell off. Stopped when I got a car in 1977. Rediscovered cycling in 1999, and rode recreationally on and off for a few years. Reinvigorated in February, 2014 because I hadn’t seen my toes since 2005.
Have you raced before – Yes – I used to race my mate to school, though His bike had gears and brakes, so he definitely had an unfair advantage! I had a Green Dragster with a Banana seat, a half size Sissy Bar and white walled tyres – it was the bomb!
Why you have decided to race on the KBR Team – Why have I decided to race with KBR? – A couple of reasons: I’ve always had that competitive spirit, and now at my age, I no longer care if I come last!