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Cycle of Giving - 23 Feb 2014

Thanks for letting me mix in with your bunch this morning. The KB group set a good pace and an awesome example of how a group should ride and share the road the vehicles and other riders. Thanks and well done everyone.

Lance Chamberlain
A big thanks to Kirsty Broun Cycling crew and Dave Guyatt for the ride this morning. Thoroughly enjoyed riding and chatting with new people who love their riding as much as I do. Also, a big congrats to you Kirsty for your commitment to enforcing and teaching safe riding amongst your bunch as action is the only way to change and educate motorists about cyclists. Every person I spoke to in your bunch this morning also commented on how much you have helped to improve their cycling skills and how much their riding has improved since riding with you. Cheers and look forward to making it in for some rides again in the future and getting back to some racing.
Bel Sheraton
Awesome skills games session before the smashfest that was TT efforts at Nundah this mornin Kirsty...
Dave Guyatt
Thanks for letting me ride with you guys...I had a great time and will be back for more!
Alexandra Connolly
Thanks Kirsty for your patience and attention to all of the little things that make climbing Mt anything as easy as possible. Of course anything that has a first name of Mt is always a tough assignment. I know i can tackle these ride with more confidence and ability now.
Paul Myers
Well done to you on a great ride today. After being away for a while it reminded and reinforced to me what a great coach you are. Professional, patient, encouraging and prepared to share your extensive and vast experience as a ex professional rider. As I say to others I ride with, " it's not every day that you have an internationally acclaimed cyclist as your coach". It's more than that. You are still so fit and skilled it allows,us to watch you on your bike then model the skills you are developing in us whilst you are coaching and correcting our technique as we learn, ensuring we don't make technical errors with our skills. Cycling is a technical sport that does require an amount of technical discipline to master. Thanks K Bru...you're the best.
Phil Wiley
My affiliation with Kirsty Broun and Kirsty Broun Cylcing has been one of the most positive experiences of my life to date and has benefited me beyond expectation. I started riding with Kirsty Broun Cycling in February of this year. At that time I was a novice cyclist (had only been riding 4 months), had limited confidence in my ability on the bike and I was also significantly overweight at 123kg. Over the past 6 months, I have had regular one- on- one skill sessions with Kirsty and have participated in the Kirsty Broun Cycling Group rides. These sessions have been invaluable to me both as a cyclist and as a person. Kirsty’s enthusiasm is infectious and her training technique, both in one-on-one lessons and group rides inspires confidence and self belief. I now have the skills and am now training at a level that I would not have thought possible six months ago. I look forward to each session and each session is different to the last. Kirsty is an inspirational trainer. Her patience, skill and understanding has helped me develop into a competent cyclists who now has aspirations to race at a State level, given me confidence and belief that I can achieve anything I set out too and she has also assisted me in losing 40kg! I highly and heartily recommend Kirsty Broun and Kirsty Broun Cycling. You could not ask for a more professional, supportive and encouraging environment to learn valuable cycling and life skills. Thanks Kirsty.
Paula Johnston
Hi Kirsty, just a quick text to say how much I appreciated all the training this morning - it was just what I needed to restore my confidence after last week - and it is real thrill to feel myself improve. I know that you're right - with persistence (and focus on my core) I will keep getting better. I'm so glad I joined you and just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for all the help - it hasn't gone unnoticed. See you Sunday :) cheers, Liz
Liz Nelson
I got 4th in race today, 3rd in the series. Wanted to say thanks for the coaching, have learnt more in the last 3 months than 4 years on the bike.
Wendy Grindley Ferris
Really got a lot out of the small group training session on Saturday. Thanks for your patience and more importantly, for your ability to share your deep knowledge of not only the basics but some really important "need to know" skills for those who think they know how to ride.
Paul Myers
I bought a five pack [5-week skills package]. They have been the best money I have spent in a long time. Today is my third lesson, so only two to go. I am feeling a lot more confident on the bike, and starting to feel like I am controlling my bike, not the other way around. I have stopped getting so nervous about going out and started thinking "I can do this". I always worry about being the weakest link - but I am starting to think, so what - I am out exercising - I am having fun- I am burning calories - I just need to enjoy the process. Kirsty is so encouraging and tells me that if you can get your technique right, then the strength and speed will come in time. I was really worried about the money for the lessons but don't regret a cent now
Susanne Perey